Are you spending a lot of time online and not getting anything done?  😥
Rooster is a Chrome extension that keeps you informed about your browsing stats in your New Tab + notifies you when you lose focus by visiting websites that are unproductive for you.
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- Our Goal is to make you Productive -
📊  Daily Browsing stats
Rooster automatically tracks how much you are spending time on which website and show that data every time you open a new tab, keeping you informed to stay focused and productive.

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🔔  Push Notifications
It’s easy to forget. When you’re spending too much time on unproductive websites, you can set daily limits for yourself and Rooster will remind you everytime you go over that limit via Push Notifications.
Note: Unproductive means where you end up spending more time than you want or need. Few ex. are Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter.
⌛  Total working time
Keeping tab of your total online working hours. This is handy when you want to know how long you've been working online and/or want to share this data or brag about it on social media
- More FAQs -
Q. But what about my Privacy?
As mentioned above, we save your data locally and we don't have access to your data at all. So there's no way for us to sell or use your data in any form.

And even if we change the product-mechanism in future, we'll notify you first. That's our promise!
Q. Thanks! But why Push Notifications?
We believe that blocking websites doesn’t work. Mostly because it’s a habit that we’re fighting against. We cannot change habits in a single day / week / month. It takes time to form a new habit and a lot more to break one.

Habits are not changed by stopping / blocking what you’re currently addicted to doing. Instead, what has worked for many, is slowly doing different things on top of what they're already habituated to do. That’s what we want to accomplish with Rooster. And that’s why we are giving the option to nudge yourself via Push Notifications rather than blocking websites altogether.
Q. What if I have some feedback?
You can always reach out to us via this Online Feedback Form. We'll get back with our thoughts (if any) within a day or two.
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